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Club Season Tryouts

We have reached that time of year again. Club tryouts, kickoff parties, forming new teams or reuniting with old ones. Getting your new equipment or just upgrading some of your old stuff. Kids take such pride in wearing their new jersey’s, sporting their new backpacks or just wearing their newly acquired number if they are new to club.  I watch all these kids  including my own and take such pride as a mom watching them play and love a game that I love so much.

With their newly acquired backpacks come all the nice little accessories they like to collect to personalize their bag and also to show their numbers and team spirit. This is where we come in. Sports bags don’t have to be dull and boring. They can be blingy and shiny also.

This is where VolleyBling came from.

My kids both play and love the game. My yard has a net setup all year long for drills and practices. In my living room sits a cart with about 20 some different balls. Volley lites, setters medicine ball, regular volleyballs a bench for hitting down balls. My kids wanted a charm to display on their bags, but not just any charm. They wanted something blingy. Well, some leather, paint and lots of drawing and VolleyBling was born. Next came their hair ribbons, they again wanted something fun with lots of color and design. With their input, such as, “we like, we don’t like,”  we came up with some fun designs and creations. My older daughter wanted different ribbons to match her practice t-shirts and my younger one wanted something that her teammates and her could all wear together.


We hope you enjoy VolleyBling as much as we do!